ATS Associated Tax ServiceAbout us

A few words about us

We love to help our clients not only survive but thrive
in this otherwise intimidating world of Federal and State Taxes.


We are here for you all year round. Tax work is seasonal, but we keep our office open year-round to help you with tax-related questions or needs outside of tax season. We are there when you need us.


Our mission is to take the stress out of filing your taxes. We will answer your questions and work diligently to minimize your tax burden.


We are able to perform reviews and tax preparation for a range of clientele. Our tax preparers are highly experienced when it comes to handling our clients’ tax returns and we stay up to date with current tax laws and codes.

We get your tax needs taken care of!

We will work hard to address your specific needs and put your mind at ease.

The Big Picture

ATS Associated Tax Service is a leading tax preparation firm located in San Jose, California. With our dedicated team of professional tax preparers and advisers, we provide accurate and timely tax information to individuals and businesses to minimize tax liabilities, maximize returns and implement sound tax planning strategies. We provide outstanding customer support and a full range of tax planning and tax preparation services that enable our clients to make informed financial decisions. We are here for you all year round. Tax work is seasonal, but we keep our office open year-round to help you with tax-related questions or needs outside of tax season. We are there when you need us.

About the President

The team at Associated Tax Service is lead by company president and owner, Elena Guardado. Elena strives to keep ATS at the leading edge of it's industry.

Elena Guardado

•Enrolled Agent (EA)
•21 years of financial experience
•20 years tax preparation and tax planning experience
•Bachelor of Science Degree (Accounting)
•A member of several professional associations
•Stays up to date on tax law changes through continuing education classes
•Knowledgeable about tax planning strategies and tools
•Utilizes top-of- the line, advanced tax software for compliance and accuracy
•Works with attorneys, contractors, designers, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives, insurance agents, police officers, professors, programmers/analysts, nurses, realtors, sales managers, politicians and teachers.

About the Team

ATS has cultivated an exceptional team of tax professionals. Directly leading that staff are Dora Brown and Rodrigo Esquivel.

Dora Brown
Dora Brown, Sr. Tax Advisor has been in the tax preparation business since 2003.

Over the years Dora has been instrumental in the growth of ATS at a steady rate. The retention of clients year after year has been outstanding. Some new clients have come from the large chain tax preparation companies. Many new clients say ATS service is excellent and pricing is very competitive.

Dora also holds the position of Assistant Director, at Stanford University as her year round job of 13 years. Her extensive and broad knowledge enables her to provide an array of services. From comprehensive or specific need financial planning to accounting, bookkeeping services and tax preparation.  She gains particular satisfaction when she is able to help clients achieve their dreams with minimize taxes and organize business and personal financial matters.

•25 years in the accounting experience
•13 years of Tax preparation and planning
•BS, Computer Information Systems
•Stanford University, Continued Ed
•NCURA Membership
•IT Certified
•Higher Ed User Group Lead
•Project Management Certification
•Highly Technical
•Accounting Software, Oracle, Quick Books, Peach Tree, JDS. BAAN
•Annual Tax PEPE Stanford University

Rodrigo Esquivel

•CTEC Certified Tax Preparer
•5 years of experience in Tax Preparation
•Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Administration
•Train other team members
•Constantly active with continuing education